I'm addicted to the internet?

Ok, so I've been an Internet addict for more than three years now, it's really hard for me to think about the things I could have done in my life in all those years and the bigger problem is that I I can't stop. People have told me I'm addicted but I didn't want to admit it and I thought that it wasn't an addiction and that I could stop if I wanted to but now I have realized it and I really want to stop it, I really want to change my Iife I think about stopping all the time but I don't have the power to do it. It's like my mind tells me all the time to stop but my hands and body can't get off the computer.

If any of you guys has been through the same thing please tell me what I should do , any advices would be helpful and thank you.

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  • delete your online accounts that is the first step


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  • i'm addicted n proud actually... basically GAG-aaddicted, not internet.. i just embrace my addiction and enjoy it.. i do nothing :-)

    • But I don't like this addiction and I want to be able to control it

  • Yep, been going through that myself for some time. Caused some major problems in my life.

    • Have you done anything about it?

    • Not yet. I thought I was doing better for awhile but seem to have regressed lately. Its a combination video game/internet thing and it has been bad for my health (between work and home, sitting 15 hours a day is not good), my career, and my personal relationships.

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