Bearded and beard admirers of GaG. I need your thoughts on a design?

So I'm currently working on my last assignment for the year :D and I wanted some different opinions on what this character could look like.

So if you had a very small guy living in your moustache whose whole life was dedicated to keeping your long and unruly beard clean - what do you picture this character to look like?

I do have one rule, which is the character must be completely bald, as this is one of the reasons why he is so enraptured by the beard hair.

The characters personality:

1. He is very bitter and angry at the beard owner as he takes no care in trying to keep food out of the magnificent hair that the beard keeper takes so much pride in.

2. He is quite nervous and jittery, constantly worried about the food, creatures and dirt that may or may not be invading the beard.

3. However he is also very brave and in the end will always stand up to protect his pride and joy from these monsters.

So if you had this character living in your beard what do you believe he would look like? He can be based around a human, animal, food or anything you want in terms of looks wise - just has to be bald :D

Thanks in advance guys!


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  • Defiantly a troll who is bearded himself, his head should take up 50% of his body, and his beard the other 50% and obviously he has a tiny tweety bird living in his beard. He should be a cute troll though. And have scissors.

    • So you think mostly head and the beard should kinda be so long it covers the rest of his body? I really like the scissors idea! Thanks for answering :D

    • Yes a big head and a short body with a long beard covering his body except maybe his bare toes in his sandals haha, and you are welcome. I would love to see your finished product regardless of what you choose to do!

    • Haha that sounds great :) and I'll see what I can do when I'm done, I might be able to post it back on here

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  • Like a angry troll must be angry

    • Definitely will be angry! And I never thought of the troll idea, thanks, I'll be looking at those for reference images :)

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