Whose fault is it? Mine or His?

So.. Sometimes I hit my brother jokingly.. and then we end up beating each other and sometimes it gets 'serious' and hurts me more than him.. And I get more bruises than him... But when I start to hit him I don't hit him with my full strength just enough to 'hurt' a little.. But he sometimes hit me with too much strength for me to handle!!!:((


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  • Yours you stared it maybe you don't know your own strength and are hurting him.
    But he should walk away,

    • Sometimes he says things I don't like, I get irritated and hit him lightly..! Then it turns into a HUGE battle, lol

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    • But he won't be expecting it plus they will teach and show you how to take anyone down no matter how big or small.

    • That's a good idea but after I learn to ride a camel...

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