What are the mistakes that can make people vulnerable to identity theft?


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  • I work in insurance and see claims on this kind of thing on a regular basis.

    Get a good shredder and shrewd you junk mail pre approved card type crap that comes in the mail. Email accounts are also a point of entry so have a good password.

    Get comfortable with the question 'why?' Police officers and all kinds of people will ask for your social but if you ask why they will admit you don't have to give it.

    Make sure you understand the coverage extended by your credit cards and renters insurance for ID theft. This means call your agent and banker and talk in detail.

    The worst and messiest part to clean up is how it effects your credit. If you do t discover the fraudulent charges for months than good luck getting it removed by all 3 credit bureaus.

    So after the above the best line of defense or to monitor your accounts and charges at least twice a month.


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  • Carrying your SS card around with you everywhere or leaving it in your car.
    Answering fraud emails.
    There are some viruses/hackers--like the FBI one that blocks your computer unless if you send them money--that might ask for that information.
    Using your SS number on an unsecured website.
    Telling people your SS number.

    • I'm doing my homework and I'm learning English can you be nice enough to explain what they are asking me to do. It says on the paper write a response to thus passage that analyzes the mistake that can make people vulnerable to identify theft what do they mean?

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    • Thank you very much I appreciate it

    • You're welcome!

  • anything that involves them giving out personal information.