IPhone Software installed on iPhone to listen in to calls?

Does anyone know of an iPhone software that is installed (runs in the background) and when the person that installed it calls you or texts you, it activates the software to listen in to your phone conversations and read texts. You have to answer the phone in order for it to activate or reply to a text.



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  • Never heard of such a thing. That would violate so many privacy laws and how could you download it to their phone without their permission?

    • My ex is a phone and computer wiz and I know he has installed it on my phone. He used to do a lot of things with my phone when I was asleep. I could never hide anything from him because he was violent and addicted to 'ice.' He used to listen in on me regularly and sort of let me know by humming the music I used to listen to in my car when I was driving alone. He was a psycho. I have to completely reset my phone and start from scratch to get rid of it I think. He reset my phone when I left him and told me I could just put the last back up on my phone which I think had the software on it. Every now and then he calls my phone on private and when I answer he hangs up straight away.

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    • Thanks for MH :)

    • You're welcome 😀

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  • Unless the phone is Jailbroken, this would be almost impossible to install on an iPhone, as Apple have a tight software regime that forbids shit like this from being installed. Even with Jailbroken iPhones (which opens up the Apple software and allows more freedom to download things that you normally cannot via iTunes and the App Store) this kind of technology is a bit sophisticated and would need a software genius who probably works for the Government to install this. So I am pretty positive you do not have this on your phone.

  • If you think someone's been messing with your phone you should take it into Apple and see what they say, they're usually pretty helpful. Most little nerds probably just want to give you the impression they've done such a thing to unsettle you, with Apple it's not that easy.

    • Apple don't know anything about spy software. It's very easy to install spy software on an iPhone, I've seen my ex do it many times.

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    • It's funny isn't it? I called Apple about my computer crashing and they couldn't even tell me how or why it may have happened. They know nothing about spyware on iphone, I had to explain it to them and they wanted to write this all down in case they came across something like this. How dumb is that?

    • That's unusual! Tbh most downloads packaged as eavesdropping are just big data tools, they don't do what they say on the tin.

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