For those of you that are familiar with firearms (Longguns specifically), could I get some advice?

I'm going to be buying a new rifle fairly soon, and I have set a $1,900 limit for the purchase. Anyways, I've been getting back into shooting recently, and I currently own a Weatherby Vanguard.243 ( ) But I've been looking at buying a semi-automatic rifle.

Currently, I've been looking at either a Colt AR 15A4 (5.56 nato) or a Springfield M1A (308 win). For any of you who own one of these, or know about them in general, which would you suggest?

Also, if you have other suggestions for semi automatic rifles within that 1900$ limit, please share. I'm looking to get something high quality.

Info for my choices:
Springfield M1A:
Colt AR 15A4:


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  • Hands down the m1a. Its a better hunting rifle for big game if you ever wanted or needed to do that and.308 ammo is plentiful and cheap though not as cheap as 5.56

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