"She doesn't know" 1st poem how is it?

The happy go lucky girl,

In her little bubble.

Enjoying her life,

Without any trouble..

The thing she doesn't know,

Life isn't full of roses,

There are throns in that,

To protect its beauty.

The thing she doesn't know,

The gold wasn't shining from its arrival,

It went to fire,

To become empowered.

The thing she doesn't know ,

That life isn't fair,

Rich people rise their expectation,

Poor people increase their exploitation.

Ohh her innocent eye's,

Hope they will be like that forever,

But , in this beautifully spoiled world,

Don't know how long will be her forever.

©. -R. chloe


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  • hmmm chloe? is dat u? 8)

    • Lol no 😂

What Girls Said 1

  • This one is much better than the second one

    • Actually it was the first one lol. I posted it second.

    • haha either way this one makes more sense to me

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