Should I text to him?

So, me and my friend had a sex (my first time). I like him and he knows, but he is not in the mood in a relationship. he told me that he doesn't wanna confuse me but he was flirting and touching me. He wanted to have sex a lot but he didn't push me to have it because it was my first time. I wanted it to do with him and then finally that night we got drunk and we made out. Since that night, he hasn't texted me and he hasn't tried to talk to me. I texted to him asking where my earrings are but he didn't reply. what do you guys think about it? Should I text to him Or just is it better to leave it alone?
I'm thinking that we are friends and he wasn't in the mood for relationship, and he thought it was a one time thing that's because he hasn't texted me. am I right?


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  • Maybe he is rethinking what happened and trying to evaluate how he feels. Sex makes people think more and try to figure out things. It can also make or break different types of relationships even if it is just friends. Give him a little bit of time and then confront him about the situation in text or whatever. If you don't give him space it could blow up in your face.

    I say this all from experience since one of my friends and I had sex. He was distant about certain stuff I said and he didn't tell me what was up. I decided after his excuses of what caused the situation and why, I decided to back away from him since he only cared about himself.

    • Thanks!

    • You are welcome. I hope things work out how you want them. Good luck!

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  • I would just wait it out depending on how long it has been already. I was in this same situation an i waited an he came around, wellll his thoughts about not wanting A RELATIONSHIP didn't change but at least we got the chance to talk about it and save our friendship too

    • it has been 3 days. He isn't really into relationship, I just want him to text to me at least. Thanks :)

  • You are right.