Friend said just kiss already on a post between me and an old friend, how do I respond?

Lol so long story short my friend who I've known since first grade and we've probably crushed on eachother on and off since then (we grew distant over the years due to families moving then I was overweight for a long time and to embarrassed to have her see me that way since I've always seen her as the most amazing girl ever but when I lost weight and started talking to her again it was like old times)
anyway she'll randomly post on my wall that I'm awesome or something like that out of nowhere, and today she posted it and after our regular no you're cool fights... yeah we're 23 don't judge lol... My buddy says oh just kiss already!
lol now I don't know how to respond.
PS we live in different states right now so I'm thinking an actual relationship or attempt is out of the question at the moment... But I don't know lol what are your thoughts and how should I reply.


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  • you should ignore it.

    • You know I kinda want to ignore it and I feel that it's the best route unless my friends decide to join him...

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  • Dude just fezz up to her already. Just tell her you like her and you think you are right for each other. Dont use heavy words like love or perfect tho. Best of luck