Latino is not a race?

Okay this is the day that comes where there are many saying thats latino isn't a race or isn't anything, in order to sing up for an appointment or anything there is a list

African American
hispanic American

but smeone looked so far up history that now its being put into controversy.. latino may not be a race but its a culture. Threre are varieties brazilians , mexicans , venezueians, cubans, colombians, salvadorians, chilean , puertoricans.

so they say oh just becuase your a darkskin hispanic, your really just black

or just because your a white hispanic , your just white?
I dont undetsand this how it involves anybody to say that about people in a country they are not from. ANY opinons to this?


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  • personally i think it is... no?


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  • Latin isn't a race.
    You are right... it is more of a ethnicity (same language, culture).
    You can be any race and be latino.

    Some people feel so intertwined with their culture that they often refer to it as a race rather than an ethnicity.

    Depending on the latin person... they are often a mixture of many races.
    Some can be white or black.
    Some can be BOTH including indian.