Are American women getting too strident?

It seems to me that we American men are being relegated as nothing
more than an ATm and sperm donor. The women's made Godamn sure to emasculate
us at every turn. They claim they don't need a man to make them whole. Fine when hubby
leaves your ass at 55-60 for a 20 something you'll perhaps realize how the feminist sold
you down the river. In fact the feminazis with die aone and with a house full of cats.

I still maintain that the feminazis who bash men for being men will die as lonely, crazy old cat ladies. Their husbands will go to Latin America, Asia or Russia and
marry a pretty young sweet thing who treats them with respect. by the way, these marriage have an 80% success rate.
I stand by what I said and know that I'm right. Women want equal rights, which I agree they should have. Many military jobs have opened up and they should. I'm told that women will be able to apply for BUDS/Navy SEAL training. That's the most brutal military training in the world. Some may make it some won't. Men wash out at over 90%. I have known many SEALS and they are special and do many edgy things. But they pay a huge price. For starters a 90%+ divorce rate, PTSD off the


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  • I dont think so.

  • Got dumped did you?

    • Nobody. I'm simply stating an observed fact. You-re getting to the age where men leave for younger women.

    • Are you kidding it's the younger guys chasing me.

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  • Or perhaps men are becoming more of a wuss and don't stand up for what they believe? Men feel the need to prove stupid things in order to be a "man". Stop giving a shit about silly things, live your life, and you'll see how you change your mind. I hope your age is not real, it'd be really depressing.

    • My age is real and that's why I can speak the truth, which most people are allergic to
      and not give a good Goddamn what you or anyone else thinks.

  • OMFG... is this a decent way 4 a 63 yo guy to speak bout gals? 8)

  • I've just stopped caring what women think tbh i still try but i dont care

  • What's strident?

  • Those women will be alone, especially late in life. There are many women in the world who are not like that and it is easier and easier for guys to find them.

    • Perhaps. But we men got marginalized during Vietnam. We were fighting the war
      and women were getting the jobs, elected to political office, etc. Fine, in many case
      they deserve it. But to be denigrated because we are me is wrong. Yet we tolerate
      it. Been to divorce court? As a future attorney I can tell you that we have NO rights
      at all in a divorce. If kids are involve BOHICA ! Bend over here it comes again !

    • There are some good girls left. I would go for a country girl if Inwere looking, or a girl from another country. Let the feminazis screw the players and be single moms. F them.

      I told my sons to give me grandchildren but no need to marry as it sucks for a guy.

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