Do you ever feel like everything you've done is a huge mistake and there's no hope?

I keep looking at my life trying to figure out exactly where I made the mistake that resulted in my life being what it is now. I've had horrible luck trying to get a relationship. I'll admit that I'm not the most attractive guy in the world and I have my own problems. But after the best relationship I had ended when I broke things off because I felt like I was trying too hard to be what she wanted and couldn't be myself, we remain friends for a while. (I know most of you will say you shouldn't be friends with an ex.) This lasted about as long as the actual relationship until the stress I was experiencing in work spilled over into my personal life and made me grouchy and irribale which drove her away as she didn't want any part of me. My attempts to find another girlfriend have all come up empty and it seems a big part of it seems to be the fact I have no desire to have children, which I knew would limit me but yet I know their are other women who fel the same way. It just seems like their aren't any women around who share this choice that I can find. (Yes, I've tried online dating sites and they'll coming up with no results.)

I keep thinking I did something wrong and messed my life up. I ask myself what I can do about it, how can I fix this. The most obvious choice is to lie and change who I am so I won't be alone. Yet, I always thought finding love meant finding someone who wanted you for all of you. Being reminded by seeing wedding anouncements and romances on TV that I have no one myself has weighed down heavily on me. Even fantasy seems to be taken away from me. And too many many memories of what I lost flood my mind and almost cripple me mentally with the emptiness.

So what have you done when you've felt helpless or hopeless? Where have you found hope when there appears to be none?


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  • I know your pain. I have felt that way too many times. You have to erase such thoughts and find hope in things that can manage to make you happy. Even the small things can make a huge difference. Even by taking a walk with friends can manage to soothe you and put your mind at ease.
    Right now, you're focusing on the negative parts of your life. I'd suggest you to start focusing on the positive aspects.
    There is no need to throw your life away. Do not embrace emptiness.
    You can do many things, you can be whoever you want to be, you can chase happiness. It's only up to you. You have many choices to choose from.
    Good luck.


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  • actually ny teen years mostly... shitty as hell :-(

  • No.. But it sounds like depression...

    You'll be alright, champ. Tough it out.