Oh my I need so help. How do I stop this?

Oh my I need so help. How do I stop this?
My dog either has serious separation anxiety issues, or she just gets bored quickly. How do I get this little bull too stop eating my panties, bras, socks, anything soft fabric? she will chew it up. I caught this one and my other one playing tug of war with my brand new panties. This must stop, I'm going broke.


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  • Get a old pair of panties and put lemon juice on them
    make sure you leave them where she can get them
    after she tastes the lemon on them than she might
    stop destroying all of your other panties also she does
    have separation anxiety and your with her a lot so
    what you want do is take some time to your self
    and let her in room alone or in the house alone
    go outside take a walk, sit outside but give her time
    to her self my dog is with me all the time and she
    also has separation anxiety and they do all kinds
    of things when they are all anxiety out ,


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  • anxiety? how did u figure it out? o_O

    anyway this pic's so cute :)

    • Took her too the vet, the took her in back and I stayed in the room. The vet said she kept trying to run towards the door.. You would think with my other dog she would be ok, she's a typical women.. Crazy

    • by the way thanks.

  • I saw many episodes with Cesar Millan about dog's behavior and rehab, they explain/show dog's problems and how to fix them if owner is ready to work with his/her dog. You can try to check episodes' list here www.cesarsway.com/dogwhisperer/episodearchive and find something similar for yourself.

  • You need to hide them where he can't get to them. If you catch him in the act, make sure he knows he's doing something wrong. I will not promote violence against animals but a soft slap to the nose isn't half as bad as what dogs have to deal with in their natural habitat. Don't beat it up, just make sure the point gets across. It's also important that you reward him for backing off - staying angry will tell him that backing off was the wrong thing to do, and that's just confusing.

    If you ever find him after the act, when he is not actually in that very moment doing anything wrong, there is no point in punishment, he will not understand.

    My parents breed dogs and have done so for many years. I have a lot of experience with bringing up dogs and training them. If you want more info feel free to messsage me.

  • My cat used to chew on any cables lying on the floor within her reach. She had almost chewed through my best cable, so I put double-sided tape over the chewed part and dusted it with spicy red pepper flakes.

    She doesn't chew on any cables anymore.

    • Haha we did that with a dog once that kept biting its own tail. Turns out the dog liked pepper flakes..

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    • It won't stain the clothes.

    • It doesn't have to stain them, just flavorize them.

  • Put dog out side in pin

    • I can't do that too her, she's my fur baby.

    • My father owned dogs a fenced area for the dog was built he. Wasn't allowed inside our house dogs stay outside watching the house

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