What makes good YouTube channel?

What is important when you're watching youtube channels?

I know nowadays a lot of people think that you can get millions from youtube, but it's not true. So there are so many channels out there, what makes something good channel?

What makes good youtube channel?

For example good videos, good speaking etc...


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  • Good recording equipment, someone who knows how to edit properly. The content has to be entertaining, as well. You kind of have to adapt personalities and characters.

    Vlogs are rarely entertaining to some, and the absolute best to others. Gameplay videos are the same, though I'd argue people who do let's play's probably rake in more revenue than those who do vlogs.

    You have to have some type of upbeat and/or funny personality to be able to pull off a successful youtube channel, on top of having editing and recording skills and equipment. You have to spend the money to make the money.

    • totally agree, but you can't really make a lot of money by having youtube channel by the way it's 1000$ for million views. To get million views, is hard... It's really not paid well, but there are other things like selling shirts etc...

    • Well you won't make that much right off the bat, you have to establish yourself first. And then once you get a loyal following of people who will share your videos and promote your channel with you, then things start taking off. If you go the let's play route, you could even throw in streaming to help boost yourself and promote yourself.

      Set up stream tips so people can give you tips, do charity streams and set goals for the stream. (i. e. cut your hair if you reach $100 etc, etc.) The money goes to the charity, but people get a feel for you as a streamer and can then subscribe to you (if you use twitch which then earns you $4.99 a subscription).

      It's definitely not something you can do as means to support yourself... not at the beginning. You'll need other income for sure.

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  • A good YouTube channel often needs more than just engaging videos to become popular. It's important to make these videos discoverable. So, make sure to market your channel properly and consider joining one of these networks - https://youtube-networks.com/ for this purpose.

  • 1. They are themself
    2. Great hd camara
    So we can see everything clearly
    3. Upload videos once a week or every two weeks.
    4. They have to be entertaining
    ( they know what they are talking about or good at what they do.)

    - makeup
    - life videos
    And so onnnn

    So many things people can talk about. the list goes on and on..
    But it should be something that you enjoy:)

    • I forgot to say!! Everyone, okay maybe nit everyone... But... Uh... Cat videos get a lot of view <3 because they are simply so adorable... They don't even need to do anything and they still get a lot of views

  • An interesting host


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  • I guess if you look at some YouTube channels like girlfriend VS boyfriend or romanatwoods... etc etc these channels are good... Cause you can see purple enjoying their time with their friends and families...

    Also some gaming channels could be fun to watch...
    Anything entertaining is good

    • romanatwoods he's really good ;)
      Gaming channels wich one do you know?

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    • I knew who you'll tell : I knew that you'll say pewdiepie haha

    • but is that because he has such a good username it's quite special PewDiePie

  • if da uploader has uploaded rare 80s songs 8)

  • Entertaining host. Sassy but NOT too obnoxious. A quick-talker who knows what he or she is talking about and above all the videos should be short. The latter being important for popularity, not for quality per say.

  • The three main things are:
    1) a channel name where someone can remember it easily
    2) a voice ideal for commentary
    3) a good microphone that can make your voice sound clear

  • Get a good camera. Poor quality is a turnoff. I can't even watch porn unless it's hd. Speak clearly and just be random. Also good editing helps

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