What do I do?/confused?

so i have a very close friend of mine she is awesome and one of her friends is a guy i only know him through her but he doesn't know my name i dont think i remember him from the 5th grade and know he has gotten taller and looks more mature but i can tell he is super immature and he has a girlfriend which my friend knows her and she a jerk he's kind of cute but i like this other boy i know a lot better aswell and this boy is immature and i dont really know what to do and sometimes i get the feeling my friend likes him cause they have known each other for so long but i can't tell


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  • are bothboys immature u wanted to say?

    • no my friends guy friend who is cute is immature this other boy is a skateboarder he is three years older than me he Is hot and kinda quiet but I don't know how immature he is he seems pretty mature

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