Itunes won't let me drag music?

I've tried:

*Dragging and adding
*Opening the music files in different programs
*restarting it

The weird thing is that it allows me to add some albums, but not everyone I wanted to add - there's space enough on the phone, so it isn't that.
The music files have been on my phone, but I had to clean out my Iphones library, because I bought a new computer.
What can I do? :-(


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  • Is everything backed up to iCloud?

    • Sadly no.

    • Hmm...
      Call or go into an Apple Store and see if they can help...
      Even music taken from CDs and other purchased (physical) media should be transferred over because you own the cd. You're allowed (legally) to burn a backup of it for yourself in case the original is lost.. You're simply not allowed to share that copy (just an FYI , lol). So, all of that music should be retrievable.

  • maybe they r "protected"? it used to happen in my case when i used itunes :)


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