Okay so i know the stereotypes of these schools. SB party school with a bunch of stuck up, well-to-do, overly preppy kids, SC layed back and stoners, and SD just being SD (havent heard too much about it). My main focuses are SB and SC and i really just want to know the pros and cons of the schools, not academically, but the college life/experience. Never been huge on major partying but i love SB's social enviornment. SC seems cool too but way more mellow, not as vibrant (similar to my homewtown). I don't know if the nightlife/social life is much different... And i can't fully tell if SB really is a ton of beachy, too preppy, jock like kids.. if thats the case i may be out of my element. Buttt i can't tell either if SC is too layed back? I've heard that the students at SC are weird and I don't know if thats true or not... i just want to know the pros amd cons of each school! Thanks!


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  • Of those 3 schools, based on my 2 years of living in Bay area (non-Native Californian) I would go to in order: UCSB, UCSD, tons of other schools and UCSC last lol. Check out Cal Poly too.

    • Ucsc last hahaha damn, and at one point i thought that was my first choice. Why exactly is that?

    • Lol i like Santa Cruz people, they are chill and all buuuuttt my impression of UCSC is pretty low. Hippies, surfer bums, poor quality education. Just my opinion, which isn't worth much since i'm non-native.

      I work with people that went to all 3 of those schools, and other Cali schools.

    • Gotcha! Makes sense, i trust your judgement, you know more than me for sure. Okay ill keep all that in mind, thanks again!

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  • SB and SD are both party schools, dunno about SC. but you can't go wrong with SB or SD.

    you might have more fun in SD. education will be good for all of them.

  • I graduated from UCSB and had a fucking blast there! Yeah there's some stuck up preps there, but the Santa Barbara natives aren't like that!

    The students are mostly from the O. C. and that is where the "stuck up prep" reputation comes from.


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  • I'll make it simple:
    Ucsb stereotype: parties and hot people
    Ucsb actually: all of the above and a SHIT ton of work, and maybe some overpriced nachos
    I go there and I literally party everyday, but you still got a LOT to study, it's not like it's easy

  • UCSD... No matter what 'type' of person you are or people you enjoy being around you will find similar people here!! It's a laid back atmosphere with tons of entertain within a ten mile radius!! Culturally diverse and just full of awesome people!! I went to SDSU but spent a lot of time at UCSD!! Overall just a great campus, great location, and a helluva great time!!

    • Wait you live in SD @Cali-GiRl? holy fuck you are lucky. I so want to live in SD, La Jolla Beach is paradise.

    • Thank you (: i live close by so that will be the first one to check out

    • Yeah thats my spot!! I love the cliffs!!!

  • usc, ucla, ucsb, ucsd.

    i have fond memories of my parents taking me to santa cruz when i was little.