How do I smoke (inhale) a joint?

this guy who i like (and who likes me) is getting me weed and we're going to smoke some joints together at a party soon. he's been smoking for a couple of years (cigarettes & joints) but i've never done any of that and i dont want to embarrass myself (i'm a very clumsy person).


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  • Suck on it as if you're drinking from a straw, then just breathe in. You are going to cough. A lot. Try not to. Don't inhale too much, and make sure you exhale all of it before you start coughing. You need to surpress that cough otherwise you're going to have a really bad time.

    • I suggest you practise on a filter cigarette first. Only one, don't get addicted.

    • thank you!

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  • whoa... w8

    don't smoke coz a guy wants u to smoke :)

    • oh no no i want to try it anyway! its just that i'm nervous obviously because it's my first time and it's with someone i'm interested in :)

    • @Klaatu51
      A troll?

    • huh?

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  • It's like the same as a cigarette you just don't inhale that much.