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Honestly I find it hilarious and painfully accurate :/ And not just with this video, but all of the other videos they've made too.


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  • EA are the scummiest company to have ever been present in the Gaming Industry.
    I fucking hate them with a raging passion. They're like the Hitler of video games.

    They fucking ruined Mass Effect. My favourite game up there with Halo.
    That ending was pure shite, and everyone was blaming Bioware. I was like ''Hello? Who manages the online and Publishes the game?'' They do. They force their partners into contracts which are impossible to complete on time without problems. Hence why Battlefield 4 wasn't even complete until a year later.

    EA is to blame with everything wrong with anything they have relation to. If they fuck up Mass Effect 4 I'm gonna be so mad. Star Wars: Battlefront is gonna be Published by them too. I can't... Oh no.

    Day 1 DLC, down servers, shitty launch, microtransactions left right and center.
    ''What's that? You wanna play as Darth Vader? That's $10 please.''
    I'm calling it now. Star Wars is gonna be ruined by those scum bags.

    • I read somewhere that EA was actually voted the worst company in the US back in like 2013. Not just the worst game company, the worst company PERIOD. I feel like that title was rightfully earned.

      There's no doubt that EA will try to fuck up Battlefront. It'll turn out to be nothing more than a Battlefield clone with a Star Wars skin. But part of me is hoping that Disney will step in and say "You will NOT be fucking this up".

    • They fucking better dude. Did you not hear? They got voted 'worst company in America' two years running.
      I hope they rot. I hope they send in a crew of thugs dressed in Disney costumes to beat the s*it out them.

      They will fuck it up, I'm calling it. WE, are calling it.

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  • When I was younger I started hearing how everyone hated EA. Several years later, everyone still buys their games so everyone can just shut their mouths.

    I did like this video.

    • The only games that I ever bought from EA were the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger and Mass Effect games.

    • I'm not coming after you in particular. But really, it's not that hard to not buy something if the reason behind that decision is important enough.
      It's all about decisions and deciding what's important, that's what I'm getting at when it comes to purchasing products not only EA but other business' as well.

  • That's not the real CEO of EA

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    • if syndicate is going to suck too they might aswell end the franchise

    • i bet they're going to lose a lot of ac fans if they keep making shitty games like Unity

  • it's pretty funny lmao.


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