Does my he still have feelings for me?

I wanted to know if my ex still has feelings for me. He told me he didn't feel the same anymore about me and didn't want to be together and is moving on. I still love him. I haven't contacted him at all. Just been focusing one me.

i saw him today. He took me to do something and he kept looking at me while in the car as I twirled my hair and asked what was wrong and I said. Irving and he just kept looking at me.

when we got back to my house I asked him if he wanted to hang some time and said I am trying to be civil with us and he shrugged and I said its not like you have feeling for me and he shook, he head up and down while I said this, so we can hang. So then I said you don't have feelings so you don't have to cut me out and he shook his head yes.

He had told me he wanted to be friend before like two weeks ago and that when I asked to seperste or bills he kinda just ignored me and said no. And I said well you want to be done and he said yes right now I do but I can't predict the future and if I will feel different then. This is what I want for now... We have been broken up for almost two months


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  • i guess he already admittd he has no feelngs.. no?

    • He said he didn't feel the same a few weeks ago. Just that he wanted to try to move on... But before that he said he wanted to try. And the last week he said I don't know what the future holds for us like I can't say we are done for good and forever just right now it is... Things could change. And then he acted like that today and he smiled at me a lot.

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  • It seems to me he might. Or at the very least, he's open to it. Just make sure you stay friendly and relaxed with him, if you want to get back together--don't put pressure on him. :)

    • I am trying to that why I played it cool. I didn't pressure him to hang. But he shook his head when I said you don't have to cute me out and pretend I don't exist not like you have feelings for me like that anymore. He shook his head yes. I said why cause it's easier and he shook yes...

      But he refuses to spilt up bills and stuff. Like if you are done don't you get rid of ties?

      So I just played it cool and said we can hang we were friends first and we can still be so hit me up sometime and we can. If not then whatever. And left

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  • i think he does.

    • I mean the guy won't spilt up our stuff if you're done wouldn't you do that and not avoid it?