My problem with mix racing?

It kind of frustrates me honestly. I don't understand how a black woman can be in a relationship with someone who talks so badly about them. Don't even say they don't because they do. White men talk SO much shit about black women with black men right there. Like black women stop dating white men, maybe even black men too. Go date a Mexican or something. Lmao.

I also hate how a white woman will be in a relationship with a black man and that man will treat her like shit.

You will hardly ever catch a white man talk badly about the white woman but you see black men doing it like it's their language. Just because you date outside of your race doesn't mean that you have to talk bad about the women with the same color as you.

See, I'm mixed. But I consider myself a black girl who only dates Mexicans. It just seems like they have much more respect.

Does ANYONE else agree?


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  • These are true according to your observations.

    Although, I am aware that these things do go on I can't say this is accurate for all mixed race relationships.

    I think if someone has a lack of respect for themselves in general, they will allow mistreatment no matter what race they are with.

  • Funny,
    Growing up its was nothing but black men harassing me.
    But I'm not here to put them down.

    Bottom line: I disagree

  • Okay this makes no sense whatsoever.

  • I don't understand it either.
    I sort of cringe when I see see a black girl with a white guy because I know how racist white people can be. It's ugly an I hate it.

  • i dont agree.