Is it wrong that I USED to hate Lesbians when I was younger?

As a gay man who has hardly ever encountered many lesbians, I used to have secret hatred for Lesbians after being told a lot of negative stereotypes about them from other people (and became ignorant of it at that time). I've been told that they hated men and want to compete with them in manliness. I used to think that they socially have it so much easier than gay men and have never suffered real persecution in their lives like us gay men have because society finds lesbians cute while gays disgusting and disgraceful. I envied all of the center attention that Lesbian women receive from the world and the fact that they were never jumped, beaten or killed for their homosexuality.

Then as I got older and mellowed down, I've later met a Lesbian who was actually very nice and surprisingly have more guy friends than girls. And to raise my faith in Lesbians even more, she has actually stood up for a few gay men who were constantly harassed and bullied in high school.

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And like I said, I still USED to have hatred for them. No need to hold a grudge against me over it like a weak-minded fool about it.


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  • so you say used to

    "the fact that they were never jumped, beaten or killed for their homosexuality."

    you know now that is completely untrue, right?

    • also I mean, lets talk, right.

      It IS wrong. It IS wrong that you used to hate lesbians. That IS fucking wrong. I'm not gonna give you a pass for all that just because you don't feel the same way. It's fucked up. The most you can do is accept accountability for it, and act differently, whatever. But that doesn't make it not wrong. And are you even taking accountability?

      because dude, 9/10ths of this question is taken up by you complaining about lesbians. It's just written in past tense.

    • Riiiiight, as if I'm not allowed to have opinions, even if I'm not acting upon anything.

    • And like I said, I still USED to hate Lesbians. No need to hold a grudge against me over it like a weak-minded dipshit about it and never let it go.

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  • I would be a lot more understanding of you growing as a person if you didn't obviously still think these things.

    You *know* how hard it is to be anything other than straight and you still want to look down on people in the same situation as you. How can you **do** that?

  • It's pretty wrong yeah.


What Guys Said 3

  • No because you have reflected on it and talked to lesbians seeing that they are alright.

  • since u don't hate em anymore... it's ok :)

  • As long as you USED to think that, everything's fine now.