Whats your opinion about feminism?

So i was doing my daily research on what my subscriptions had uploaded and i came a across a video of Tl;DR (video is called : TL;DR - SJWs and Feminists Hate Progress #shirtgate #shirtstorm) and its about a guy, matt taylor, that made a huge ass achievement , in other words landing a spacecraft on a comet. However a bunch of feminists accused him of sexism and a supporter of patriarchy just because he wore a shirt with some hot women on it , which was by the way made by a female friend of his and given to him as a gift. And i was just wondering , doesn't that attitude of feminazis shame you and female gender as a whole? I mean how can the half of the world's population accept such a minority talking behalf of them without their permission and being so insultive and idiotic? Also how can you ( supporters of feminism) just believe what other feminists are saying, without even a hint of research and evidence on their theories?
Would be glad to get an answer from a feminist and other females aswell. Thanks!


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  • From what I understood, it was his general bro-type swagger, coupled with the shirt, that turned some women off.

    You have to take history into account: women have been, and still are marginalized majorly, and that is still very true for the scientific field. So this guy's behavior and attire just felt insulting to them.

    The fact that you credit him, and him alone, with landing on that comet is exactly the type of arrogance that irks them.

    I'm not a fan of the twitterstorms and the fact that he ended up having to tearfully apologize on TV. To me, that is over the top.

    I can see it from the guy's angle, because I'm a guy, and I like scantily-clad women. But I can also see it from a feminist's angle, and all the things his behavior symbolizes.

    I think men should be better at appreciating women for more than their looks or lack thereof. And I think women should be more forgiving to guys who like hot women.

    • Oh.. Who is preventing women to be scientists? Stereotypes? If you get affected by words and you abandon your life goal because of them then clearly it wasn't that your life goal... Also men scientists are stereotyped to be nerds and ugly.. Do you see any males stopping their studies because of that? No , they love what they are doing and they are willing to secrifice their social life and much more. If women are not then they dont deserve it in my opinion , and not only women.

    • People do get affected by words. That is the whole issue here. That is why loads of guys are moaning about feminists, because feminists use words.

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  • I think the Internet has the ability to blow things out of proportion and make them into a much bigger deal than any one person sees it.

    So like, Rose Eveleth tweeted, "No no women are toooootally welcome in our community, just ask the dude in this shirt."

    Astrophysicist Katie Mack commented: "I don't care what scientists wear. But a shirt featuring women in lingerie isn't appropriate for a broadcast if you care about women in STEM."

    Some people retweet. Some bloggers decide to add their take to it. Some news websites pick up that people are talking about this and write about it, maybe add their own thoughts on it. So, it becomes a topic of conversation online.

    Then anti-feminists pick up on it and they add to the voices talking about it, making it an even bigger thing. They ask feminists what they think about it. They insult feminists. They make arguments about why it's stupid to care about, or why they don't believe it's sexist because a woman made the shirt, etc. Which in turn, feminists reply to. And it gets bigger and bigger.

    I'm a feminist, and I saw people talking about it when it first happened. I more-or-less shrugged and went about my business. Despite the fact that I don't think it's a big deal in the whole scheme of things, I later found myself discussing it because people kept bringing it up in the various online forums I use (and frankly, more anti-feminists than feminists were bringing it up). Because I either disagreed with what they were saying, or because I thought they were misrepresenting why people were bothered by it, I felt the need to reply and give my take on the situation or on comments made by various other people. So, my voice got added to the "storm", despite not caring all that much about it.

    My point is: the amount of discussion that happens about a topic on the Internet is not necessarily representative of how much any given person actually cares about it. Retweeting something because you thought, "Hm, interesting point", or even writing your own 140 character tweet, doesn't take much effort or care. When people hear about something, they like to add their own thoughts. Sometimes a tipping point is reached where an idea goes viral, which means even more people talking about it.

    One thing that I think that most anti-feminists don't seem to realize is their own role in making these types of things into a bigger issue than it is or than even feminists think it is.

    • Oh hah. So you are implying that we should just stand still and observe their insulting attitude and not stand up for it? Νο...

    • Uh, no. That isn't what I said.

  • I think that all feminists who are raging over a t-shirt should focus on the real inequality that exists in the world.
    Like all women in other countries who are not allowed to drive, get en education, wear what they want to wear. All women who are being raped and used as sex slaves by IS soldiers or raped and mutilated as a war weapon by Boko Haram.

    Why can't all women focusing on the tiny tiny tiny injustices in the western world focus on the big injustices in other places? Maybe then they wod actually do some real good.

    • Well , yeah that would be great but we are not talking about what they should do but what they are doing. And furthermore , you can't fight the movement because you will get tagged as sexist and rape supporter

    • Well, I think it's despicable how some women uses the word feminism to try to being men down and start some kind of matriarchy. It angers me because that is equally as oppressing and sexist. Women who say "I hate men" and "All men are pigs" but when a man say "not all men do horrible things" they get called idiots, sexists etc.

  • I support feminism, the way I see it and interpret it but I do not call myself a feminist because I don't want to associate with such a radical cause, as it has begun to be in the states (everything is crazy and over the top there, you guys need to get a hobby). The feminazis are the enemy of women, they sully the good efforts made by people who just want things to be fair and women to respect themselves.

    • Love it when women recognize that males are not an enemy.
      Also yeah the first wave of feminism was about equality of genders and indeed it was needed since those ages women were mistreated and used by men , i can't understand what's feminism's goal now though...

    • I don't see 'men' as the enemy, I see ignorance and injustice as the enemy. Sometimes it's ignorant men, sometimes ignorant women.
      To me feminism is just about making women realise they don't have to be stuck in these predefined roles, that they can take strength from strong female role models, that there are so many things in life you don't need to be dependant on. I think there is a need because there are so many ignorant women raising their baby girls with hang ups, making them think they have to be beauty queens or princesses. A little girl, a friend of my nieces who is five, she told me her mom said she needs to sort her eyebrows out... as in have them plucked because they looked awful and boys wouldn't like her. This girl is five years old! This is why we still need positive and pro-active female role models and influences, so there is a chance for little girls who are being raised by fucktards.

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  • It used to mean something. Now it's just nonsense as already implied. And the worst thing is that you cannot criticize it without being labeled a sexist. And I don't like the "oh, those are just phonies who pretend to be feminists" excuse when I point out all of the dumb people who call themselves feminist.

    How am I supposed to know which one are and which aren't feminists? Every feminist has their own definition of what the idea is about so who am I to trust? These self proclaimed "normal/ actual" feminists, most of which are here on GAG, say that the aggressive ones are not the real ones, but the ones I just labeled aggressive are saying that these aforementioned "actual" feminists are just not taking it far enough and are 'disregarding' every thing women 'fought for' by being 'idle'.

    I have said this before and I'll say it again - feminism needs to become an organization with membership. This way, we can have a single entity to face and not a plethora of views that more often than not label each other as "illegitimate".

    • I tottaly agree and most of all not using damn children on their advertisment campaigns. If you are talking about equality and personal freedom of choises and way of living for females , why do you force and brainwash a female child in order to make a profit?

    • Simple, you don't care about equality but about furthering your privileges by making a victim of yourself.

    • sad humanity evolved in such way.

  • 100 years ago, feminism may have been about fairness and equality, but now it's about corporate hustling and getting one-up on guys by manipulating laws and regulations, making baseless accusations, and generally imitating Don Trump.

  • Please check this if you care about how might sometimes the globalization and fast spread information isn't always good.
    If you already have seen this video, just keep it in mind.

  • I'm neutral about it

  • I'm feminist and support them, but there are also stupid people who call themselves 'feminists' such the ones you describe in your question's description. Don't let them mislead you to the actual belief which is simply treating women like people and fighting social injustices that women face, as well as challenging negative gender stereotype that BOTH men and women face. It has nothing to due with the above idiocracy you mentioned. Some feminist unfortunately give the movement a bad reputation such as the ones you mentioned.

    • I hope you know anita sarkeesian , in case you dont , she is a Canadian American feminist public speaker, media critic and blogger and she is the founder of Feminist Frequency. So she is pretty famous and active in the movement in many ways , such as making more women support feminism gathering money fighting Video games etc.(which are all bullshit in the end ) . At the same time, supporters donated almost $160,000 to the project, far beyond the $6,000 she had sought. The situation was covered extensively in the media, placing Sarkeesian at the center of discussions about misogyny in video game culture and online harassment. Also, she has continued to present commentary and analysis about gender representation in video games and to speak publicly about gender and harassment in the gaming industry and culture and claiming herself an ex-gamer , which was proved false. So i think you should reconsider your opinion about feminism since a leading member of the movement is accused of fraud

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    • But then buddy... how can one tell when a feminst is a "nazi" and when a pseudo - feminist and when a real equality supporter? I just think that ether you stick with the current state of feminism or you dont call yourself that way.

    • That's a very good question. I think a Nazi feminist would be one that has sick view of killing or hurting men as a group, I would say these are real misandrist which are really rare to find, but there are some f** up places in the internet and you could find them. Femitheist sounds like one from her idea of "Male Castration Day." A pseudo feminist I believe practices feminist incorrectly which leads to more damage instead of fixing the problem. The current state of Feminism seems good. A lot of feminist I seen, seem to have a good grasp of feminism. Feminism isn't a monoculture meaning it has to many branches, but ultimately has the same end point. It took me a while to become feminist and accept it. I used to hate it when I was younger. It took some time to understand it. Also, don't forget about the stupid people who join any movement. The women in your descriptions are an example of stupid people that nitpick.

  • First wave feminism was important, even second wave was useful for society, but this third wave group is just nonsense.

    • talking from my point of view its just an economic crime since most of the campaigns they make against patriarchy have big sponsors behind them and also its a disgusting wave because they not only insult and make people look worthless but they use kids as an advertisment tool. Here is an example : TL;DR - Feminists Exploit Children (Potty Mouth Princesses)

  • I honestly don't waste my time with it.

    • Well honestly they are spreading and they are hectic! So you will soon not have an option.

    • O there is always an opinion, besides that's what harassment reports are for.

  • Neo-feminism is a garbage cause.

  • Everyone of all genders (and races) need to be treated equally and with respect. There shouldn't need to be a "feminism". There is no "menism".