Sick of being the good girl?

Okay so basically i've been associated with looking the complete opposit of the personality i have.
I supposedly look like a trouble maker and everything else and yet i'd have to be the complete opposite.
I'm getting tired of being walked over and basically i was listening to the 'All hand on deck' by Tinashe and thats exactly how i feel would it be bad if i suddenly just stepped into the bad girl title of already been given.
I mean i'd actually begin to blend in with the group i hang with.


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  • absolutely irrelevant, but when I read your title I was going to link up "all hands on deck" for you. Creepy huh? :I

    • haha not creepy at all, maybe just a coincidence

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    • new idol just for belting it on the way to work

    • Haha omg :P lmfao

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  • I am tired from trying to be a good guy

  • Be a bad girl I'm a good guy that no one ever loved

    • But you're not even old, you have ages to go before you can say "no one ever loved"

    • I'm 23 many girls broke my heart and stabbed me in the back leaving me in pain I've hurt a lot and they left me for someone else go ahead be a bad girl ill be around

    • Okay :/

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