Ever experienced this? what is it called?

You have a conversation with someone for The first time and things don't go as you had intended. You both stop communicating. time takes its course again. you don't remember talking to this person right away but the conversation seems all too familiar. then you realize that it is in fact the same person but the same conversation is being regurgitated and things are taking place as if tt never happened before. This would be the second time.. I've been experiencing this at the job I believed to have never worked at before Because I Had no recollection of everything being present there but I have indeed Been there in another state of mind. For example I usually notice this happens when I'm inside myself (I get confused there because I'm not sure if I'm inside or outside of myself) but I do know that I'm making my own decisions with my own thoughts, my own intellect, although I'm not as talkative by choice it's my world if someone attempts to talk to me ill consciously make the decision to answer them or ignore them opposed to when im the way I am now it's Like im more loose I'll make the decision instantly to do something physical or say something verbally instead of the process that comes with being human (It starts with a thought from the brain then the brain tells the body what to do sending a signal to the body part etc..) I'm not thinking that way now Its as if I'm not thinking as much as I would be if Id one it That way Or I should say paying attention. I hope someone understands what I'm saying, feeling enough to give me insight or direct to some link or page that can. I do have a therapist so I don't need that advice. that help is about as good as a service dog with no. . ah f. ck it I got nothing. 😅


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  • i guess u make decisions quickly maybe?

    • At times quickly or not quick enough. Depends. I haven't acquired equal balance in things.

  • Um I do understand unfortunately but I have no insight or advice because if I knew how to understand the maze that is this type of thought processing I would have fixed it years ago. it circles back doesn't it.

    • Yes. it could happen quickly or take a while depending on the amount of detail or being able to be resilient enough to keep moving forward so I know I've been there before in order to know how to handle it while actually being in my present state whether it's a few months ahead or years.

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    • well said. I'm good today my friend.. how about you.