Would a degree in Applied Biology be of any use when it comes to a career?

I've researched what careers it can lead onto but have'nt been able to find any definite answers. I don't know if this degree would be sufficient to become a scientist...


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  • Biology degrees are mainly used for pre-med, pre-dental, etc. healthcare graduate programs. Biology is very hard to translate into a career out of undergrad. Are you planning on graduate school? if not, change your major before it's too late.

    • I haven't actually started my Bachelors Biology yet but I don't know what else I'm interested in :(
      I think you're right about it being hard to find a career that directly relates to this course

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  • yes... if u become a biologist obviously... or sth related :)

    • Yeah true :)) I don't know why I feel like there would be a lack of career opportunties once I finish

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