Do you know of any relaxing songs?

I've just found this song on soundcloud and about half way in, I felt my heart rate slow down and I felt a lot calmer and relaxed. I believe the deep pulsating noise in the background has something to do with this physiological effect.

Do you know of songs that are just as relaxing? Share some!


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  • Vangelis, conquest of paradice
    https://www.yout ube. com/watch? v=WYeDsa4Tw0c
    Vangelis, chariots of fire
    https://www.yout ube. com/watch? v=TYJzcUvS_NU
    Dana winer, conquest of paradice (english lyrics)
    https://www.yout ube. com/watch? v=duGSgf96J_M
    Asorted soundtracks by jeremy soule, for the videogame Tes 4; oblivion com/watch? v=IsbMzUA2rMQ

    some of my faves :)


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