Have US-Citizenship Interview tomorrow, but I didn't list every job/school in the past 5 years, HELP?

I have a naturalization interview tomorrow (This is the final step that determines whether I become a US citizen or not), however, back then, when I filled out my N-400 form, there was a section that asked me to list all the jobs/schools I had in the past 5 years. The truth is, my life was a mess back then and I lacked discipline. I had a very negative family, I was spoiled, lazy, insecure, afraid of hard work and went through the hostile times where my parents got divorced. To sum it up, I was totally worthless and messed up. Later on, when I had my green card for 5 years and submitted the N-400 form, on the section where I had to list all my jobs/schools in my past 5 years, the only 2 things I had listed was the following:

What I put:

1. Mount San Antoni College 8/9/2008 ~ 10/19/2010 (This is a community college I attended for 5 years to waste time, only so I didn't have to work.)

2. The Place I work now 8/9/2008 ~ Today (This is the place work later on until today, I did finally get my life together, got promoted a couple of times and realized that many of the things I was scared and thought I didn't have it in me to accomplish, isn't as scary as I thought. I was finally able to believe myself and do decently well at work even until today.)


Mount San Antonio

The Place I work

Weber State University (I told my parents I wanted to go study there just to get away from there, I did nothing and played the whole 2 months)

Little Caesars (This was my very first job, which is a part time job at my mid 20s, I worked there for 5 months. Which this really isn't a bad thing, I was somehow scared for no reason and didn't put this in)

ROP (A technical school for free that teaches people skills, I learned computer repair there. Again, there was no reason for me not to put this, since this is a positive thing)

Therefore, having left out so much information, the in


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  • speak to an immigration lawyer they can help you out

    • OK, so to my surprise, the only question they asked me in that section was about my current job where at the time, I've already got my life together. I just passed the immigration interview and test today.

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