What do you do when you got fired by a phone call?

Its been a month that I got fired. Can they fire you by a phone call ? And telling me I was "slow" . Really after 5 months working for this job I got fired.


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  • No warning? No protocol or handbook to reference?

    Small companies can usually fire anyone for any reason at anytime.
    Larger companies are regulated and have procedures.. Typically it would go like this..
    Warning- verbal
    Warning- written
    Termination of employee.

    • Nope I didn't have a warning nothing PLUS I have a union and they do anything about it. They should at least give a chance? :(

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    • Make it so! Lol

    • Lol (y) Grrrrr

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  • yes... if the call was from da boss? y not?

  • That sounds really weak of them. Sadly not much you can do though unless you had personal affects there and need to pick them up.

    • Yeah. I was piss because I just quit my other job. And then boom they fired me. And I've try to fight it back but nothing change

    • Well is there an unemployment program where you live? There should be and you could apply for that at least until you find a better job.

  • u accept it lol


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  • That's really messed up.

    • Yup it is. I had no problem with them. I do my own work and arrived in time. Never call in sick. I had no warning they just decided to fired me.

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