Preferred Feline Paraphernalia?

Let's say you're only allowed to get your fix from one source of our wonderful furry companions (masters). Would you rather the adorable cats, the hilarious cats, or the destructive cats causing general mayhem?

The Adorable

Preferred Feline Paraphernalia?

The Hilarious

The Nefarious

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Most Helpful Girl

  • lol once my cousin's cat was pawing at the curtains, I barked like a dog to make her stop and I scared her to death. She ran right inside her basket at top speed. So, I definitely prefer hilarious cats


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  • wotever if i had to choose... i'm not into these fetishes

  • They get fatal lead poisoning if I catch them on my lawn. They're destructive to native wildlife, which I place a higher value on than someone's selfishly chosen pet. Cat's are sneaky, disloyal and spiteful, their affection is perfunctory. I don't know why people bother with them, but I think "cat people" mirror the traits of these creatures they like so much and are short sighted, that's how I see it.

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