I had a guy with?

I had a guy with benefits. Before but now we don't talk anymore because we would always argue about stuff. And it's boring now and I'm bored and. I want to do stuff again with somebody else and i don't. Know what to do. Can y'all help me? And i miss talking to him. And what should i do? Can y'all give me advice?


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  • Find the RIGHT guy before you accept the benefits. Otherwise you get trapped in a relationship that is dysfunctional.

    I figured out early that ---unlike many men---my body and brain are connected. If I started to like a girl, I wanted to make love with her. Conversely, if I had sex with a girl, I started to have feelings for her whether I wanted to or not.

    Most women are like this. Hence, the problem. If you have sex with someone before you know they are right, you end up stuck.

    Go shopping and take your time.


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  • Find another one.

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