Name 3 things that you like about your country and 3 things that you don't like?

Say where your from and 3 things you like and 3 things you dislike.


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  • I lived in the United States of America (like you do), more specifically in Ohio (which you already knew anyway.) Even though I've never been to another country, I'm just going to state three things I like about this country (whether they're true for other countries or not. I can't compare my country to others.)

    Here are three things I like about my country.

    One: The diversity. We have a wide range of cultures, ethnicities, races, religions, lifestyles and so on. We're a tossed-salad (or melting pot) and I love that aspect of it.
    Two: Our Professional Sports. We have the best sports teams and I enjoy watching our sports. I don't enjoy watching sports from other countries; they're not as exciting. A baseball team in the United States owns a baseball team in virtually any other country,
    Three: Our food. I love our foods, even though we've stolen a lot of food ideas from other countries.

    Now, three things I dislike about our country.

    One: The bigotry. While we've made progress, there is still WAY too much racism, homophobia, sexism, size discriminates, xenohpobes, etc. The younger generation is actually just as bad but we keep it "hidden."
    Two: The distribution of wealth. I'm not saying socialism is a good idea but this capitalism garbage isn't working either. It's quite ridiculous lazy people can be multi-billionaires and people can work their butts off and still live in poverty. Why is it that a small percentage of people in this country own about 90-95% of the wealth? How is that even remotely fair?
    Three: Our thirst for war. I mean we have one of the highest violence rates in the world, so this is nothing shocking. But we seem to thrive on instigating wars with countries for no reason. We don't fight for "Freedom", we fight for oil, greed or any other selfish reason. It's sickening.

    I can list many many more things but these are three of each that came to mind.

    • very well said thank you so much I love it here but your dislikes I unfortunately have to say they are horrible issues that we need to deal with..

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    • I did? LOLI can see the grayed/faded out words of my comment though >_<

    • part of your comments went to akadatank44 opinion

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  • Things I dislike:

    Nick clegg
    Ed milliband
    david Cameron
    the queen
    the gangs
    all the dog mess
    borris bikes
    THE TUBE !
    British gas

    Things I like :

    borris Johnson
    karl pillkington
    russel howard
    monster raving looney party

    a lot of these were people but some were things so it's all good

    • interesting list

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    • @GalaxyHotChoc

      I just thought that I'd test it on you first, how was it?

      rcjh. . . I'm sorry !

  • I'm from Canada (why does this sound like the introduction at a self help group?)


    1) The health care system. It's not always great but at least I don't need health insurance when I happen to need surgery.

    2) the landscape. It's sooooo purdy

    3) beavers. I don't even need to justify this


    1) winter. It can get pretty damn cold and snowy

    2) the state of research in geomorphology and quaternary studies in this country. I need a fucking job guys, help me out here

    3) the isolated nature of the country. If you're not from the Quebec Windsor corridor, lower mainland, or Calgary Edmonton corridor then towns are usually small, few, and far between.

    • it's not like thst just a question I like your likes, so it's hard to find a job for your profession?

  • Dislike :-

    Like :-
    ●Fundamental Rights
    ●Potential to become best economy of the world.
    ●Availability of EVERYTHING.

  • Sydney, Australia.

    1. The environment especially the beaches,
    2. The busy but not suffocating lifestyle
    3. The tolerant cultural diversity ( although our current government is doing their best to defy it ).

    1. The media owns the government and people vote without thought.
    2. The inherent inferiority complex breeding policies to try and please the 'super powers'
    3. The pathetic apathy of our people to speak up and protest against the demonisation and inhumane treatment of humans needing refuge and basic human rights. Bloody embarrassing

  • like:

    1. Wellfaresystem
    2. religion and science are not mixed up (looking at creationist/flat earth bullshit in the US!!)
    3. good law system

    don´t like:

    1. People are not friendly
    2. mid range jobs = slavery (temporary employment agency + wellfare = shit)
    3. "made in germany" is dying. nobody wants to pay for good work anymore.

  • 3 things i like about America

    Elderly & Disabled pretty much taken care of
    financially and medically

    Right to Vote for any party

    Having a good military that protects
    us from being killed by war inside America

    3 things i dislike

    High taxes too many

    Too many crooked politicians
    too many broken promises

    America needs stop the war
    on drugs

  • Dislike- Women not getting off a year of work after having a baby, poor public transportation, people who dont need help take advantage and its a struggle for people who do need it. For example wellfare

    Like- we have the best sports, gun laws, beautiful women

    • you know welfare doesn't factor people's bills like rent , car payments insurance etc basically necessity items, my cousin was actually told quit your job then we can help you, complete bs you have someone who is actually trying to support their family and they get told sorry you make to much money is ridiculous, I remember 3 years ago my son was 2 the state wouldn't help me my grandma helped me bought $200 worth of groceries, but we ate Ramen noodles for a week , I never felt so worthless, pathetic and a horrible mother etc ever. I'm in a much better place now.

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    • Yeah I know about welfare not including that but as well as other help. If your disabled or can't work because of a disease as well. The government sucks at that part. But people abuse it and make it hard for the righful people who need the money.

    • @akadatank44 I want to go hunting 😯😯😯 and couldn't agree more with the government and people taking advantage of it, I was just saying my story because I was in need and was refused even though I was trying to help myself.

  • Three things I like:

    1. It has a religious importance and history.
    2. The weather is really nice here most of the times
    3. The social life between people is really strong

    Three things I don't like

    1. It's an occupied country
    2. Economy is fucked up here
    3. There's not a lot of entertainment places.

  • UK
    * Multi cultural
    * Natively speaking a language that is spoken in lots of other countries.
    * Diversity.

    * An island mentality (sometimes thing are not compatible with the rest of the world)
    * The weather
    * Expensive

  • Like:

    -Freedom of religion
    -Rule of law
    -Gorgeous, varied landscapes


    -Two party system
    -Excessive police force that's tied to race
    -People that want us to go "back to the good ol' days"

  • Like
    -The gun laws

    -Still a lot of racist/ignorant fucks
    -Healthcare system
    -Power tripping police

    • agreed my call friend agreed

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    • lmao ok 😝😝😝

    • @Ihav2fart I'll let you slide on the gun laws aspect, although I could argue with you but that's a debatable topic anyway.

      However, "Freedom"? Really? You mean the fact our "free" country still oppresses people for no reason? You mean the "freedom" to live in poverty the rest of your life because of the distribution of wealth? I can't agree here, sorry.

  • Likes:
    Health Care System
    Richmond food yo

    Taxes (No one likes it)
    Gas price is way too inflated ($1.25/Litre in BC)
    Corruption everywhere

  • Likes:
    1. Long, hot summers;
    2. Beaches;
    3. She'll-be-right attitude;

    1. Snakes that like long, hot summers;
    2. Hot sand under barefeet;
    3. Laconic attitude.

    Yeah, very yin and yang

    • nice list I don't like snakes

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    • So true... all other snakes I'm fine with, I even like eating them, but those are just evil... demon possessed!

    • never had i5 not sure if I want to

  • mainly that there aren't more of you in it

  • Likes:
    1. Me
    2. My Friend
    3. My family

    I can not post here may be someone sue me.

  • From the US of A.
    I like our 1) Second Amendment, 2) our fuel prices, and 3) free soft drink refills at fast food places.
    I dislike our 1) people many who can't laugh at themselves and are too easily offended, 2) people who think this country owes them 3) major breweries 'cause what they bottle is similar to sex in the bottom of a canoe. . . . f'ing close to water.

    • nice list your number 3 like lol haha so true on your number 1 dislike

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  • I'm going to do state, so, Michigan:

    - The lakes. So many lakes everywhere no matter where you are.,%20Michigan.jpg

    - The seasons. Winter sucks dick, but I enjoy seeing the leaves change colors in Autumn.
    - Michigan Lefts

    - Winter
    - Economy
    - Road conditions

    • haha thst last gif

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    • @Asker According to the media, the economy is getting better. According to my wallet, it's not.

    • @cincinnatiredsfan agreed true story

  • USA. I like:
    1) The people
    2) Tons of different cultures
    3) our geopolitical location (very safe)

    I dislike:
    1) The electoral college forcing a two party system that causes a ton of problems
    2) The education system. Both public education and continued education
    3) Way too religious.

  • Likes:

    1. THE PEOPLE. People here are always warm and really friendly, something I could assure you of :)
    The friendliness and hospitality here is something you won't see often on touristed areas (based on what I've heard from people who visit our country). You could always see happy and smiling people. We always find something to be happy about. Despite of all the disheartening situations people here have been through they still manage to laugh about their miseries. LOL
    The spirit of people here is something I really love about this place.

    2. Beaches and ISLANDS

    3. Nature. I believe this place has one of the most diverse wildlife in the world. From diverse range of birds, plants, animals, sea creatures and stunning surroundins too (Chocolate Hills, Archipelagos, caves, lakes, waterfalls, etc.)


    1. The heat is something I don't like here. It's always hot. :(

    2. Corruption

    3. Poverty

  • 5 things I like the most.
    -Manali, Himachal pradesh. It's one of the most beautiful places, in my opinion
    -Taj Mahal. Has a really beautiful story behind this monument
    -Indian food. Roti, naan, gajar ka halwa!!! I can't live without them.
    - The traditional clothes. Like sarees
    -Hindi songs

    3 things I really dislike
    -Almost 60% people here are narrow minded
    -Maharashtra's sweltering heat
    -I hate the traffic.

  • 1. Technology
    2. Diversity
    3. Great career opportunities.

    On the dark side:

    1. Loads of health problems, often caused by things like fast food and soda
    2. Shame on female sexuality in society
    3. Costs of health care

    • which country do you live in.

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    • completely agree

    • @Onyx277 Actually, the United States, Per RATIO that is, doesn't have that many fast food places. China actually has one of the highest rates in the world, as well as Japan. The United States has an average rate of junk food places really. Fast food in bad for you but I really don't think that causes as many health problems as people think. It's more of a long-term health issue. We're really not that unhealthy either, since we have a very high life expectancy.

      I think our media likes to blow this up in the media but they don't care for facts, which is why I ignore the media.

  • Philippines

    Likes: Food, Traditions, and the beaches

    Dislikes: Crab mentality, the corrupts,

  • highlands
    black people

  • We have freedom, but people are rude. I could only think of those two...

    • you didn't say the country

    • @Asker I know she didn't but just by going by this ONE sentence, I'll assume she lives in the United States lol. Even though I can argue we don't truly have freedom.