Is it possible to grow taller overnight?

I am pretty sure i am a cm taller since yesterday and i am not talking about morning height measured on that meter in the afternoon.


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  • How tall are you?

    • i was 178 till yesterday lol now 179

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    • And I kinda like that I'm 5'5 because when I put on heels I become a giraffe and I'm like 5'10 or 5'11, if I was taller I would easily be over 6 feet in heels

    • your height is perfect for a girl, its like neither in the short nor in the tall category, just like any other girl, and judging by your dp, you seem ridiculously gorgeous, so great

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  • It would not be a measure able amount.. Well not with the human eye..

    • dude, even upto 4-5 cm is actually not very distinct but still its that psychological feeling lol

    • Hahaha... Well ok then..
      Sure man, it can happen!