Lied to a guy about enjoying drinking?

Okay so to start off I met a guy and he was asking me questions about myself he asked what I like to do for fun.( mind you I'm a quiet 19 year old girl that doesn't have too many friends and enjoys sewing at home) I told I like to go to the beach and hangout with friends (truth) he asked me if I've ever drank or if I like to drink or smoke.. I told him I drink but don't smoke ( lie) I've never enjoyed drinking.. Which sucks because I feel embarrassed a lot of people my age go to parties and drink. I didn't want him to think I'm a total loser.. Plus legally I can't drink anyways then he asked what my favorite drinks were and I froze... I just feel embarrassed would a guy in his twenties think a girl is a loser if she doesn't drink? Cuz that's how I feel


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  • Many, many people don't drink. It's not something to be embarrassed about. If he thought less of you for something like that, then he himself is a loser.


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  • Next time stick to the truth. If he things you aren't interesting his loss. by the way I like sewing too, sometimes I feel like I'm the only non-granny who does

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