Australians I need your advice. What are the upmarket and flash suburbs in Brisbane Australia?

And what would it cost to on average to buy or rent a modern 1 or 2 bedroom apartment.

Thank you.


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  • I currently live in st. lucia but the best place to live would be south bank, west end second. It's the perfect location. Close to the city and by the valley. If all you want to do is party move to the valley. Southbank is a little more sophisticated and has a lot of great places, I'm thinking of moving there. I'm not too sure about the rent but I would guess it to be around 500-700 a week

    • So Southbank is a very upmarket suburb that is close to the city. West end is still a pretty up market area but not as good as Southbank?

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    • Ok thank you for your help.

    • I looked at some photos of South Bank and I have been there when I went on my holiday to Australia.

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