What is wrong with me?

I think i might be broken. I don't think i've ever really felt stuff as intensely as most people, and now i just can't stop thinking there's something really messed up about me. It's kind of hard to explain, but i feel like there's something missing from me in the emotional department.

For example, i don't cry if something tragic happens, and everyone else is just openly weeping. I just can't.
I just realised that i don't laugh, i just smile a bit.

Yesterday my sister sort of opened up to me and i just kept thinking how i don't feel stuff the way she does. Not the sad nor the happy. Sure i feel something, but it's nothing compared to what i hear of other people. I mean, you like to talk to people about your feelings and i've never felt that. I feel really uncomfortable when i'm supposed to talk about stuff like that.

I do get romantic feelings and i'm not totally incapable of love, but even that is different.

I guess my Asperger's syndrome covers a lot of it, but not all, because. I'm also asexual. I also resently found out my psychiatrist thinks i have "signs of dissociative personality disorder". I'm very confused at the moment.

I'm 17 by the way.


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  • I have 4 ideas/theories:
    1) Result of some trauma;
    2) Depression;
    3) Tired/burned out;
    4) You are more balanced than others, maybe even close to people, who are called "wanderers".

    What are your reactions/feelings or thoughts towards some strong stimulus?
    For example:
    * roll-coasters in attraction parks (if you rode them)?
    * when you are eating favorite food?
    * negative news, films, anime (blood scenes and other disturbing scenes)?
    * do you cry from sad/good things?
    * have you had unexpected "explosions" of laughter, when you see some funny things?
    * fear/scared toward/of something?

    Maybe you can write some other things I haven't mentioned.


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  • Don't worry, I too have Asperger's. I used to have similar problems. One day I read that people sometimes gradually become the thing they are pretending to be. So I decided to simply act like how I thought a healthy person would act in a given situation, and over time it became more and more instinctive for me. I've still got asperger's, but it's nowhere near as bad as it used to be. (If you believe in God, prayer helps too.)

  • Who are you? You are trying to find that answer. I went through something like you are going through right now, and I made it out stronger than ever. If you wish for more help, please feel free to message me. Many people do not know who they are, and never even try.

  • What are some things you like


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  • You should tell all of this to your psychiatrist, she/he is the one who can help you the most. But I have friends like this and I think this is ok. Everyone has their own way to show emotions.

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