Things that everyone do but you don't?

i think i might be a bit weird and i often seem to not do things that everyone else seem to be doing, and i cannot understand how they can do it and not see it is so lame and is such a fad, for example:

1. i don't really like most people
2. i have never added anyone on facebook and rejected all requests.
3. i will never take a selfie or be in any selfie, and certain won't post it on whatever dumb social app
4. i hate phone cases and will never use them
5. i don't know how to use a Apple Mac
6. i am 28 and don't have a license
7. i think traveling to other countries is a waste of time
8. i go to cinema on my own
9. i go to nightclub on my own
10. i think those blue things in Avatar the movie was visually disgusting and i will never ever watch that movie, or any 3D movies.
11. i got my own apartment at 25 without even trying.
12. i read books
13. i don't play online games

that's about it for now, but i mean, am i weird or does anyone share some of the traits above?


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  • Here are the ones that sort of match up with yours:

    1. I don't accept friend requests out of courtesy
    2. I don't enjoy traveling
    3. I don't go clubbing
    4. I don't stay out past 5:30 (not my choice)
    5. I thought the love scene in Avatar was horrifyingly traumatizing because it looked like two blue cats having s*x and making out with their tails
    6. Reading is my favorite pass-time
    7. I don't play online games

    I don't think you're weird :) Plus wouldn't life be boring if everyone was the same and did the exact same things?


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  • * i'm not on facebook (no more since hella long time)
    *i don't have my driving liscence yet
    *not into clubbing

    • i wonder what "hella long time" means for a 20 yr old, because FYI, I stopped caring for facebook way back in 2006 when they started letting everyone use it.

    • i stopped using it since 2010

  • • i don't watch game of thrones, breaking bad or the walking dead
    • i don't wear vans
    • i don't like/eat sushi
    • i always cover my mouth when i yawn/sneeze/cough
    • i don't post random selfies accompanied by random life quotes on social media
    • i don't idealize getting married and having kids in the future
    • i never go to starbucks
    • i haven't seen star wars and lord of the rings...

    That's it for now

    • never go to starbucks? never go to or never have been?
      but that is quite something. i am sure holland has plenty of better and more authentic choices for coffee.

      Have you ever sit through the first two episodes?
      if you have and still is not hooked then i have nothing to say.
      but if you haven't, you are missing out big time on one of life's great experience.
      I envy those who have yet to watch Breaking Bad.

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    • Yeah i know my friends keep saying the same thing, but that's IT, you get hooked ans i don't like that, because i take school seriously, and i know for fact that being hooked on a series will cost me bad grades because i watched all 16 seasons (20+ episodes every season) of Law & Order svu it took so long!!!😱😱

    • fair enough.
      but Breaking Bad only has 62 episodes divided in 5 seasons, so it's a relatively short ride.

      but anyway, it probably won't be nearly as good or fun now that it's over and the hype has died down, it just wouldn't feel the same as if you discovered it by accident somewhere on the internet some time between 2008 to 2012, there is no more anticipation or discussion with others anymore, no more "what the hell is going to happen now?" feeling, i guess you might as well not watch it now.

  • Drive
    Go shopping in stores a lot (I usually shop online)
    Make a big deal out of birthdays


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  • i use GAG more than every single person in this planet :-p

  • Watch Game of thrones

    • yes, that too.

      tried a few episodes, boring as sh1t.

    • Same here. I got as fas season 2 but I just couldnt continue watching. Its so dull

  • I don't procrastinate

    I don't go out on the Lord's day

    I don't smoke

    I don't fall behind on payment of any kind

  • dating white girls

  • 1. I don't consume ridiculous amounts of alcohol for the sole purpose of getting drunk.
    2. I fucking HATE barbecue food and parties.
    3. I don't live my life in debt, but adapt my lifestyle to my earnings.
    4. I don't consider frying on the beach in the sun for a week, vacation.
    5. I don't watch or own a TV (It's a fucking waste of time).
    6. I don't celebrate my birthday, and haven't since my late 20's.
    7. I don't flaunt my success or my money.
    8. I don't hate Russia... in fact I LOVE Russia.