Is Edward from cowboy bebop a girl?

Like wtf. Guy name sounds like a kid but they say she. Wtf.


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  • Yes Edward is undoubtedly a girl. She's an eccentric weirdo genius and an orphan from the wastelands of earth, and she gave herself her name because she thought it sounded cool.

    • Yeah I remember watching the episode and I know the character but for some reason I feel like they make mistakes when they reference to her as a she.

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  • It's a she!

    • I've seen every episode and the movie and it's still unknown to I thought it was a guy for so long.

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    • If you're into corny try out Gurren Lagann give it three episodes before forming an opinion, umm Samurai champoo seems down your alley, and that's just my first ideas

    • Thanks big dogg.

  • e?

    edward is a normal male name gosh...

  • the voice actor could be a woman playing that role so that might be it maybe? I dunno really need to watch it I think heard it was good : )

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