Do the vast majority of women think men have it easier in life?

Women often say how men have so much easier than them because of not being paid as much as men in the workforce, goingt through periods and pregnancy (Something that men have absolutely no control over because that's just a part of biology/nature), not being able to serve in frontline battle of the military, being cat called on the streets and so on.

They disregard the fact that all men have to deal with much more responsibilities in life than women. We deal with higher expecation of how we should behave and live our lives. We face a much more rigorous and severe consequences for the same exact crimes committed by women. Men who are homosexuals or bisexuals suffer far more hostility from society than women are homo or bi. There are absolutely NO shelters or help provided for men who are domestic violence and sexual abuse victims. Women can be whoever they want (regardless of gender roles) without being ridiculed and frowned up on in this day and age while men will be frowned upon for it in this supposed "equal" and advanced era of the good ol' US of A. No one would ever give a shit about an under-aged boy's well-being while people will be so quick to be very protective of an under-aged girl from real world danger such as adult sex offenders and murderers.

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  • Honestly, you sound like you have very little life experience or knowledge about how people live their lives. I'm American and it has definitely not at all been true that most men I've known have had more responsibilities than most women I've known. Not by a long shot. If anything, the whole "supermom" thing on its own - being the cook and cleaner in the house, maintaining some level of traditional "woman" responsibilities, while also being a full time career woman, and sometimes going to school at the same time - has been a reality that I've been surrounded by my entire life. I won't compare them completely, because men work and wear many hats as well, but these kinds of women are literally doing everything. My mom was like that. I always thought she was supermom. Now my dad did quite a few things too, but no one could say he has more responsibilities than my mom. False.

    And seeing as this is 2015, at least in the western world, there are no concrete exclusive traditional roles, so what exactly is your source for thinking men have more responsibilities? Men are going to college less than women these days, for starters, and are more likely to drop out of school. This on its own doesn't necessarily mean fewer responsibilities, however, for the younger age group, school is a huge priority. So you could argue that amongst young adults, women tend to have more responsibilities, if it's true that women go to school more, and do all the interning and climbing the ladder that follows that. This is just a focused example, not a definitive statement. My point is that I really have no clue where the hell you're getting your information to form these opinions.

    You are taking specific examples and trying to jump to an illogical conclusion. Nothing you've said shows that men have more expectations on how people live their lives. If anything, I would say the opposite in some ways. Men get to do a lot of things without being judged as harshly as women are, or as negatively.

    • Is that why women (during their adulthoods) can still live with their parents for financial issue reasons without being looked at funny by society while with the men, they'll get ridiculed for that for being a "deadbeat", a "Mama's Boy" or a "slacker"?

    • You're clearly not even trying to listen or reason, so a real conversation isn't worth it.

    • Right because apparently, the world revolves around your gender and your own little problems.

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What Girls Said 3

  • "We deal with higher expecation of how we should behave"

    I'm sorry I stopped reading at that line because the phrase "Boys will be boys!" that people so often and loosely throw around popped in my head and I couldn't think past it to comprehend the rest of your bullshit.

  • Come back once you've whittled out all the lies and maybe you'll get some decent answers.

  • No but I think that women and men have somewhat different complications in life. I think that you have a pretty stereotypical opinion of it though

    • Well, at least you're trying to look at both sides of the coins in this issue, unlike most women.

    • "unlike most *women and men*"

What Guys Said 2

  • gender doesn't matter actually... both guys/gals can face difficulities :)

  • I like to think that no one has it easy on this earth.