Is Ohio University a good college choice (This question is aimed more towards people who actually went to the school or who have looked at it)?

Does anyone here go to Ohio U? I have been looking into their music therapy program and I am interested in this college, but the stigma of it being a large party school is starting to kinda scare me away. I know a few people who are going there, but they party a lot, so I want an opinion from someone who trys to stay away from the party scene. Would this school be a good choice? All of these college options around here are so confusing so if someone could help me with what this school would be like without the party aspect that would be great!


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  • Your undergraduate college doesn't matter much. Pick the one you like that has the course areas you think you will need. Ohio U is okay. Ohio State is much better

  • Lol it's Ohio.. that's the most meh state there is! xD

    So to answer ur question it's neither good or bad it's just meh~! :p


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