AM I a failure?

I am 23 and i haven't even graduated highschool nor gotten ged yet

i been 18 when i came to the states and i been transfered to a gehtto school, before graduating 12 grade year i got suspended and then it escalated to being expelled for talking back to the vice principle who never really liked me, then after that i decided to work for the summer then i applied to a ged program and i been there for over a year and a half, and half of my classmates that was in my class passed and tht summer they told me i had to stay for another year but this time i can't have a part time job, i have to be there all day , so i quit becuase it was unfair how they treated me and i haven't had no guidance for parents to back me up... to go back.. so now im 23 andyears has gone by, and im losing hope to make it to this life.. i need some inspiration, everytime i try to finish something , therer is always soemthing blocking me from passing, i ask god often to help me but i am pretty beat, I don't know what to do.


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  • You are a failure when you decide you are. I beg you. Don't.
    You are a success for the mere fact that you are alive. You can only build up from there. :)


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  • From reading your stories the only thing I see blocking you, is you. You need to figure out why you are doing this. Maybe some therapy with a professional will help.
    You have put yourself where you are. Not the principal. Not the people from the GED program. You.

    Are you a failure? No you're not. But you do need to take a long look at yourself.

  • personally i'd respec t u as long as u aren't a bad person :)

  • you are not a failure
    try other things that you are good at

  • Try to get your ged. Please, you need it.


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  • If you're not trying to do anything with your life , then as harsh as this may sound, yes, you are a loser.
    A loser is someone who has no ambition.
    A person who has no goals in life and doesn't try to better themselves.
    If you don't change now, life will continue to pass you by and you will still have no accomplishments.
    The good thing is, you are still really young and can turn this all around.

    "Do not judge one by their past , judge them by who they become from it".

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