People who dont live in the. Usa is your perception of the u. s. is that there is a lot of money here but there is a lot of violence and crime?


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  • No, I don't think there's a lot of money. You have some big cities with plenty of wealth, but the rest of your country is a poverty ridden sh*thole (to put it bluntly). Naturally that comes with violence and crime.

    You finally get a president that actually achieves anything, and everyone wants rid of him.

    I'm not saying this is in the least even accurate or true, it's just my perception, like you asked.


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  • Dam america you scary ! I ain't going any where near you, you are like the dam crazy pot smoking and drinking kid that likes to fire his gun at a party possible lightly injuring people!!

    But really you guys are all right I guess : P
    Just like any country really you got the good, the bad and the horrible parts and things about ya

    • True or bikers who feel the need to kill each other

    • that happens over there? geez man haha : )

    • I live here and i can't tell what direction this country going! But i know there is no middle class here anymore. Either ur working poor, or really rich

  • my perception of america is complete corruption and anarchy

    • Where are u from?

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    • Can reg people over like can u buy a gun tomorrow if u felt like it?

    • Sorry, I can't understand that very well.
      No, I can't buy a gun easily (with guns being illegal and all). Depends where you are, really.

  • US = not many synth-pop artists :(

  • there are many countries where there is more money.

    • But none with so many poor and a country as violent

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    • I have lived all over the globe

    • Oh! I see. You are insecure about others' opinions. You make a statement you know nothing about and then you want others who know nothing to confirm it. You are weak in mind. Okay. Well, that is okay.