So we're moving. Any tips?

I've never had to move from one house to another before so I know absolutely nothing about the process and the best way to go about things. But my sister sold her house and bought a new one so now within a couple weeks we'll be living at the new one.

Obviously we'll have our parents and her fiance's parents help us move, but for when they AREN'T here, does anybody have any tips and tricks for hauling things from point A to point B? When we don't have larger vehicles to help us out, these are the ones we've got to work with:

So we're moving. Any tips?

Apart from tips on how to pack standard to smaller sized cars, any tips on what we should probably pack first / middle / last? Obviously absolute necessities pack last, but I'm sure there are some things that we should pack last that won't be so obvious.


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  • Considering that I actually work as a mover for a day job, here are some tips:
    -Rent a full-sized SUV or pick up truck. DON'T rent a U-Haul, those trucks suck.
    -The things that should always go first are rugs and furniture. I don't know what you're moving, but I'm assuming there's bed frames and disassembled stuff. Here's a problem, you won't be able to fit any real furniture in short of a moving truck, so I hope there's no desks or tables going. Rugs go first because you lay them down before putting furniture. Bed frames should be disassembled and taped together and put in the trunk. Don't worry, there's a ski port that opens in the back seats that will let you slide them into the passenger space.
    -For packing stuff up in boxes, you want to make sure you protect it well. The best way to protect stuff is with unprinted newsprint paper. It's the same stuff newspapers are printed on but without any ink. It's cheap ($0.02 per 3'x5' sheet) and much more environmentally friendly than using bubble wrap. Here's how you pack stuff like I do on a daily basis: ). These videos are old, but this is what I was trained with.
    -Boxes come in all different sizes. You won't fit more than a 3.1 cu ft boxes in those cars, MAYBE a 4.5 on it's side (not recommended). You'll have to use a lot of book boxes (1.5) to pack stuff and stack it up inside. Boxes should be stacked with the heaviest and sturdiest stuff on the bottom (base), not that heavy stuff in the middle, and delicate/light stuff on top. You probably can't stack more than two levels in a trunk. Just make sure the trunk is COMPLETELY stuffed, because stuff breaks when it moves. Secure things with bungees and put blankets (thick, cushioned ones) over any non packed things to keep them from breaking. Always label EVERYTHING. Label what room it came from, what's in it, and if it needs special care like fragile things. Don't use clear packing tape. Use real packing tape (brown stuff).
    -For special boxes, like wardrobes and picture boxes, you'll need a moving company to help get you those things.
    -For moving furniture and really heavy stuff, you'll also probably want to hire some pros.
    PM me for more info.


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  • Tips from 2 moves in 5 years:

    If you are packing boxes, don't mix items from different rooms in the same box.
    Write on each box what's in it and which room it is going to go in.
    Pack things like books first. It is unlikely you'll want them during the move.
    Similar with ornaments. Use plenty of screwed-up paper or bubblewrap.
    Try and pack large pictures in pairs face-to-face (with some packing in between!)
    Pack one box with kettle, coffee, mugs, food. Take that first so it's ready in the new place.
    If you have furniture to move and are using a removal firm to do it for you, they may well have specialist boxes for pictures and portable wardrobes complete with hanging rails. May be able to lend you all the packing boxes.

    Don't make boxes too heavy!! Better to carry 100 smaller boxes than 10 huge ones! And they'll fit in your cars better!

    Our first move had about 64 "archive" size boxes!

    You can always PM me if you want any other help.

    • Only two moves in five years?
      Hahaha just kidding man

  • I've moved A LOT.
    But it always involved aircraft more than cars hahaha
    I'd advise getting, renting, borrowing whatever, a hand truck or dolly.
    Buy containers that are the same size and stack well.
    Send the stuff you know you want, but don't need now early, like rarely worn clothing and decorations.
    Good luck in your new place of residence linky!

    • Thanks! We're not movin THAT far, I think the new house is only like 20 minutes tops away from this house. But it's a better neighborhood for sure.

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    • Dude imagine a family needing to fly back and forth about four or five times a year.
      SOO painful.

    • Holy crap no kidding. :(

  • First pack your sex toys carefully. They're the most important. After that, pack all the condoms. Then just put the other stuff.

  • rent a u-haul
    call a friend with a truck
    bags you can remove the air from to make them smaller (ziplock style plastic bags)
    multiple trips obviously

  • Don't leave it to the last minute! You always have more stuff than you think you do.

  • Fold down the back seats and get the big stuff in first, then like a puzzle squeeze in the smaller items.

  • Hire mexicans to do it for you lol


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  • make sure you label every box, not just the type of item but the room it came from as well. This will help with organization and will be less troublesome when you have to unpack. And now is a really good time to get rid of things you don't need or want in your new house (also this gives you an excuse to buy something better to replace it.)

    • Ooh, good idea. See my brain was just thinking about packing, didn't even take into consideration labeling and how detailed to get with the labeling. Thanks!

    • also for the heavy items that may not fit in your car, renting a U-Haul is not a bad idea, I've moved about 13 times now in state, in country, and out of it. It just makes for less trips and is not as expensive as you might think

    • oh and also I would advise packing a bag of all the clothes or other persona items you will need for everyday use, just to make sure you don't pack something you need.

  • Keep the things you'll need right away separate.