Do you think words have colors?

Im actually color blind (that means i can't see colors accuretly). but i feel a color when i hear a word (sometimes i even dont know the name of this color)

Does every person have this?


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  • No, not everyone. Only very few people. Some very famous painters like van Gogh had this.

    • I have no skill for painting :D

      Can i use this any other way

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    • You don't need skill to cover a brush in paint and use it to touch a canvas. Art is free. If you perceive colours differently to other people you're bound to create something unique. Give it a whirl!

    • Lol color coat not cope.

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  • It's called synesthesia. It's rare condition when your senses are mixed up. :)

  • I've heard of this but can't remember what it's called. Some people do but it's not common.

  • you sound like you have synesthesia. I have perfect pitch, thank God, and one way I describe it is that I "hear in color" even though I don't think the colors consistently match the notes. I just recognize them instantly.

    • Do you mean you feel different colors in different times for the same word?

    • ehh sort of - it's like - ok so my former roommate had synesthesia; she would physically see flashes of color when she read, could taste sounds, etc.
      I generally associate certain sounds with colors - the note A is usually red - but context can change them. It's not colors exactly. It's like - I just know what they are, I have an extra difficult-to-describe sense. often they are consistent but I don't think "oh that's a green it must be G" - it's like "oh that's a G, if I had to identify it I guess I could describe it as producing a sort of green in my mind"

  • Me too :))

    • Hey I want to play agame with you... I'm going to ask you what color you see when I say a word and I'll answer far below, but don't look at my answers before you answer ok?

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    • Purple
      bright yellow
      Like green (idk) :)
      Dark red
      Light green
      Light blue
      Between pink and red

    • Let's do numbers now 1-20 then every every tenth number:)

      1 black
      2 red
      3 blue
      4 brownish maroon
      5 green
      6 red
      7 green
      8 light orange brown
      9 purple
      10 black and white
      11 black
      12 black and red
      13 black and blue
      14 black and maroon or brown
      15 black and green
      16 black and red
      17 black and green
      18 black and orange or brown
      19 black and purple
      20 red and white
      22 red and red
      30 blue and white
      33 blue and blue
      40 maroon or brown and white
      44 maroon or brown and maroon or brown
      50 green and white
      60 red and white
      70 green and white
      80 orange or brown and white
      90 purple and white
      100 black and white and white
      101 black and white and black

  • I feel like the word walrus is grey

    • It is something like green for me :)

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    • I would love to experience that but not permantly I'm weird enough. can you tell me about the colors of a song you like, can it even be described

    • I generally like the songs are blue and shades

  • No, that only happens to a very small amount of people.


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  • red

    red's a word... so...

  • No not at all.

  • Yeah.

    When I think of the word "yellow," I think of the color yellow.
    When I think of the word "orange," I think of the color orange, and so on.

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