Should I not start up my bar and look for another job what do you think?

okay i quit my job today and didn't tell my fiancee and told her that i plan on starting up a bar this September she knows its always been my dream to start a bar for a while and i have most of the expenses paid however i would need to borrow 20 thousand dollars from her and i promise to pay it back within a year of the bar starting. now this money would be coming out of our wedding savings and the money she has been saving up to start a beauty salon. now my fiancee is currently very mad at me for quiting my job because we both dont have a lot of money right now and she will have to work more and most importantly she is mad that i didn't tell her earlier that i plan on quiting my job. she says she can deal with me being unemployed but she dosent want me to start the bar right now. she knows it has been a dream of mine for a long time to start up a bar and she has always encouraged me to do this but she rather we wait until after our wedding so its less stress on us. she has promised to help me look for another job in the mean time the problem is i dont have a college degree and i want a better paying job my last job i was making a little bit above minium wage and i didn't really like it i do have four years of work experience though before working at my old job. and the problem with starting a bar in September is its going to cost us rougly a million dollars to open up the bar i already have 950,000 dollars i just need the 50,000 dollars from bank loans and her and my family. and with the bar industry there is a lot of competion and three out of four bars fail their first year in buisness. and if my bar fails we will be in so much debt and we won't have any money for the wedding and i will be without a job. now i currentley have a job interview lined up for next Tuesday and if i get the job i can be making a 100k a year however part of me really wants to start the bar what should i do


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  • If you have $950,000 already, why are you working a job that barely pays above minimum wage? You can start a business with way less than that. If working is going to keep your fiance happy and aliviate some of her anxiety, I would look for another job. You might also consider looking for a business partner who has a degree in accounting or management. Since you already have most of the capital, it shouldn't be hard to find a partner. Then you could start your bar by the time September rolls around.

    • i worked the job because i like the job thats why and at the time i was happy with it and i had some inheritiance when i moved to nyc and i wanted to use it all on the bar and also i worked to keep myself busy and i dont have a college degree so finding a job is hard for me

    • Try network with people who are in the same industry you want to be in. Ask questions. Sometimes who you know is as important as a degree. And good for you for doing what you love.

  • look for another job.


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