Question about job, I'm so confuse, give a thought about it? thanks?

My boss seems like he hate me, well hate is strong word, I mean dislike me.
I'm just a temporary employee here, benefits is OK, though would be better if I were a permanent employee.
People are okay, my coworker are mostly men above my age who are not gossiping arround, so it's fine.

My biggest problem is my boss seems to dislike me, and I think it is almost impossible to get promotion to become permanent employee without his support, although my direct supervisor is very dependent on me.

the company is great, like I can really relay my future there, but only if I were permanet employee, if not they can really fire me when the contract is over, or even suddenly.

My mom really want me to stay there because she see my future there and It make her proud, even if it only as temporary employee. I want to leave as soon as I get better offer position (I'm currently applying) but she forbid me to do so. I'm 23 but I still unable to make my own decision.

Should I leave or stay? How should I argue with my mom?


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  • Leave the job as soon as you get another 1


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