Is it a sign of the end times (Cern hadron collider)?

Today according to news articles and newstations, Test collisions continue today at 13 TeV in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in zurich switzerland.

which is very high, the highest it's ever been...

This is a sign of the end times, the devil worshippers, elite are trying to open a portal to the spiritual world, the demons and interdimensional beings that they want to let into this world.


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  • Is this serious or are you trolling? It's so hard to tell nowadays.. I don't want to assume you're trolling and insult your beliefs but at the same thing this is the type of science defying stuff that brings society backwards so I'm conflicted..

    Okay I'll go there:
    1) Where's your evidence of any demonic entity?
    2) Where's your evidence that these brilliant scientists are worshippers of said entity?
    3) Where's your evidence that it's possible to open a gate to any spiritual realm?
    4) Where's your evidence that a spiritual realm exists?

    I sincerely hope this is trolling..

    • the fact remains cern are conducting topsecret tests as we speak, proton colliding and particle physics.
      They are trying to create ghost particles, which will help them make quantum computers in order to cause a black hole or something

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    • @Illusive_Man so your're calling me a fool, just because i don't belive in same thing as you, fuck you cunt

    • @Illusive_Man
      :D :D

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  • Tell us about the shapeshifting lizards and how Obama is actually a satan worshiper next.

    • I am serious, you baffonn.. Cern LHC has gone of levels off the roof yesterday, do your research , regardless of my beliefs, i'm talking about cern conducting dangerous tests

    • Yes , now show me your theoretical degree in physics please.

    • You're right.. ugh.. Thanks.

  • I would suggest becoming more informed about what exactly they are doing. As a former physics major (undergrad) I have a decent understanding, but I can see how it might seem dangerous / threatening.
    If you are genuinely interested, try searching for LHC on "simple English Wikipedia".

  • can you give ANY link proving
    *-a devil even exists?
    *- CERN scientiststs have anything to do with satanism?

  • Noooooooooooooooooo... It's the end of the world... get your head out of your ass for once man,,

  • definetely not... we still have time 8)

  • You think THAT is the issue? LOL. You aren't going to open a "DEMON" portal... lol

    Worry more about anti-matter chain reactions.

    • Anti-matter chain reactions?

    • yes, these super colliders are used to make anti-matter. There are isolated samples already in storage at Princeton in New Jersey and a few other locations. No one is really sure what the blast from their interactions with positive matter will be like or if it will cause a chain reaction that will obliterate the planet. It is a real concern... yet they continue to make it. Google it. It will really scare the hell out of you.

  • Oh, great, another fundie looking for validation of the fairy tale book.

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