What is the point of the European Union?

It seems to benefit big businesses like Apple, Starbucks and Toyota at the expense of the citizens of the European Union.


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  • It began as a political ideology shortly after world war 2 as a means of preventing possible future outbreaks of war in Europe

    It has more negative points than positive unfortunately and the positive points are very conditional.

    One major disadvantage is you lose complete control of the ability to set your own interest rates with your own currency. This is catastrophic for countries like greece, spain etc which are using a currency not fitting to their economy to begin with.

    you also lose control of up to 70% of your individual laws with the remaining 30% requiring approval first by the EU so self governance is a miss.

    You also have to fund the presidents whom we have 3 of that no one heard of or knows about and our EU army and EU policies rather than our individual countries it turns us into a US style state. History tells you that countries tend to get smaller rather than bigger and be more successful with that too.

    You also have unregulated migration, i. e we had more migration into the uk between the years 2005 to 2010 than we had from 1920 up until 2004

    • Problems of the Euro. Membership of the EU doesn’t necessarily mean membership of the Euro. But, the EU has placed great emphasis on the Single Currency. However, it has proved to have many problems and contributed to low rates of economic growth and high unemployment across the EU

      More bureaucracy less democracy. It is argued that the EU has created extra layers of bureaucracy whilst taking away decision making process further from local communities. For example, the British Chambers of Commerce has estimated that the annual cost to the UK of EU regulation is £7.4bn. The introduction of Qualified majority voting (QMV) mean that on many decisions votes can be taken against the public interest of a particular country.

      Net Migration. Free Movement of Labour has caused problems of overcrowding in UK cities. The UK’s population is set to rise to 70 million over next decade, partly due to immigration. This has pushed up house prices and led to congestion on roads. The concern is that the

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  • It's a mixed bag... I think the idea, which I agree with, is that Europe , as a whole, needs more homogamy to still be relevant, and in a global market, letting your neighbors drown will only hurt you in the long term as you lose markets and trade.

    Unfortunately this basically turned it into supporting a Europe even though there has never been a ton of short term advantages except free trade and movement and currency (which is now a burden for more than half)

  • Are u English perhaps. The European union builds and funds infrastructure all across the eu that benifits all countries, strengthing economies and enabling Europe to compete against super economic powerhouses such as the usa, russia and china. As well as keeping ahead of emeging powers such as india, brazil, Argentina. Next u will be asking what the UN is for.

    • The European Union seems like an undemocratic institution that infringes upon Parliamentary sovereignty, that enslaves its people to large multinational corporations and that is determined to aggravate Russia.

      The European Union seems like a dangerous Political infrastructure to me.

    • I'm greek firstly
      second I don't say that the eu is now trying to prevent war
      right now it's a way to have antagonistic economy with the powerhouses as you said
      the original idea back in the 1950s however, when it was made was the mutual help and prevention of anything similar to ww2. that's what i am saying
      and to the asker eu is not that bad relax

    • Well when the greeks want money who do they call? The eu has billions of euros to greece to build up their infrastructure and economy but the country is a sespool of corruption, greed and avarice. The greeks lied to get into the EU by cooking their books. #payyourdebts. The Russians can be supprised that their neighbours want to join the EU and NATO because after years of oppression they hate russia and its people and won't be bullied into doing whatever Russia wants anymore.#russianeconomyisfailing

  • For everyday Europeans, it's great for travel. It also benefits small business owners / farmers by opening up a wider market without ridiculous import & export taxes. Economic stability is another plus. I don't know if you've experienced inflation like what happened to the Italian lira. It's a big deal when all the money you saved up in the bank suddenly becomes worth much less. Plus, trade and travel become much more expensive.

  • It's all about political control, dude. It's definitely not to give businesses advantages, because the businesses become subject to a lot of regulations and legal judgments over a very large market as long as the EU remains in place. When the EU falls apart, power over big parts of the economy goes away and political power goes away with it. It's about political control, plain and simple.

  • You need to read a little more. Go to Yahoo finance. The EU benefits from the tech companies. Especially Germany. The thing that hurts the EU is supporting Spain and Greece and it has to do with the Bonds that these countries issue and the lack of spending controls and socialist programs.

    All of the commerce helps the EU. You need to educate yourself in finance before making statements like these.

  • no? where did you come up with that bro?
    european union is a union made in order to ensure that there wouldn't be a war so catastrophic as the ww2. Other than that it is a strong economic union itself that doesn't exist to benefit someone else, it is for the well being to an extent of the countries that it incorporates

    • i also bet you ain't european

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    • and it was also made to help Europe recover economically of course

    • not un im sorry nato deploys military

  • The European Union is a mix of good and bad.

    Big businesses don't really benefit from the EU, though bigger businesses are of course able to weather the regulatory-welfare state better than smaller businesses can.

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