Why am I looking like shit for the past week?

I haven't done anything out of the ordinary but i look so tired even though i get enough sleep every night my skin is red and i have dark circles under my eyes... i'm going to a meeting tomorrow and want to look refreshed how can i get rid of this?


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  • It could very well be your diet here, dear, tha tis causing you to 'Look so tired,' and perhaps even Cause you be so.
    Even though it is short notice, begin a new beguine by putting yourself on a Multi vitamin. We all do not eat everything we are supposed to eat and taking one a day of these, with Iron, will give you a fresh look, make you feel like a fart in a mitt and give you more Stamina.
    As far as tomorrow goes, buy a face wash from Neutrogena to help brighten your skin and with a smile on your face, confidence in your step and dressing to kill, no one will notice anything but the... Real you.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Are you sure you are getting enough sleep? it is amazing how events can take up your evening and before you know it you are turning in too late and getting up too early.

    • yh i get about 9 hours sleep lol

  • do u eat less?

    • i eat bowl of cereal in the morning, then dinner then more cereal and tahts it

    • not much... so maybe that's the reason :)

    • hmm ok thanks i'll try eating more and see if it helps