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OK, so about 10 years ago, there was this woman who was a friend of my Mom, she was the neighborhood slut cheating with all of the boys in the town at her house. My Mom told her Husband and when he came home he beat the shit out of her. My Mom and her Brother were at their house at the time and saw and heard everything as they were sittig and eating Nando's in the living room. My Mom told me she heard terrible screams and that her Brother wanted to help her but my Mom stopped him and told him to to leave her get beat.

She didn't come out for ages apparantly because she had horrible bruises. I used to be friends with their daughter so i visited their house often but never thought this has actually happened in the past. Apparantly her Husband won't leave the town anymore to work abroad because she would whore herslef again. I don't get it, that woman is so nice, i never thought she would have such a atrocious personality.


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  • huh... man yer mom's insane... how could she allow this?

    • I don't know. She thought she deserved it probably, didn't ask her. I gotta agree with her tough.

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  • Ur mother got issues mate that is sick asf stopping him helping her man fuck that's bad

    • At least she learned her lesson or not? i mean i think his ego was hurt. I guess Karma is real lol.

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    • animations? what does that stand for? there is nothing fucked up about that. It's just that people have different beliefs.

    • Anyone, where the duck did animations come from? Damn auto correct

  • Cheating is bad but she didn't deserve to get beaten. Cheating hurts a lot. Maybe it could be karma but know one deserves to get beaten that is truly horrible